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Rome Wine Tours. 

Guido and Sally have been sharing their passion for high quality, natural and locally produced Italian wines and food for many years, by organising Wine Tours in Rome and Italian cooking courses in Rome and Tuscany before moving to the beautiful Rome wine country. Guido’s passion for promoting Italian regional wine has also lead him to conduct cooking workshops in the UK and Australia.

Supporting local wine makers to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Wine Tours Rome we believe in local, quality wine making and bio-diversity. We support our local wine makers and food producers and we do this to select the highest quality wines that are produced in the Rome area for our Rome wine tours. This also helps keep our Rome wine tours' carbon footprint to a minimum.

Responsible, sustainable wine tours near Rome.

We believe in the importance of our local community and not only support local small wine producers and cultural events, but also involve as many local residents as we can in our Wine Tours Rome activities. We promote a form of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible wine tourism, by only bringing small numbers of people at any one time to experience the natural and very unspoilt beauty of our region and the excellent wine that are produced here.

Sally, originally from Australia, first moved to Italy over 16 years ago. She soon became captivated by the warmth of the people, the beauty of the landscape, the culture and history, plus the amazing food and wine.  'Amore'  when Sally met Guido, led her to stay. They now live with their daughter in the heart of Rome wine country, just north of Rome. “This is a very special area of Italy not only because of its rough natural beauty and magnificent views but for me it is truly authentic. There is nothing commercial, no neon signs, no foreign newspapers and definitely no tourist buses. It is not uncommon for our neighbours to knock on our door offering us a paper bag filled with fruit or vegetables or grapes that have just been picked from their fields”

Sally's background is in social anthropology, natural therapies, teaching and tourism and she has been running her own business in Australia and Italy for over 20 years. Sally founded 'Convivio Rome' with Guido to enable them to share the magic of Italy, the Roman countryside and its fantastic food and wine.

Guido is an 8th generation Roman with a passion for wine and cooking. “I want to share this love and passion that my family has always had for good food and wine with you. When I was young, my father used to take me around the Roman countryside on weekend excursions to locate the finest cheeses and wines. Baskets of fresh ricotta were prepared in front of us by the local shepherd and loaves of wood-fired sour dough bread were bought hot from the bakery. It was an incredible education. I still remember learning to recognise the different scents of wild grapes, during our leisurely walks through the fields. To me the scent of mature grapes in September, is the distinctive scent of the Roman countryside, especially when the sun comes out after a summer storm”.

Guido has been a food editor for many years, during which he had the chance to meet the most celebrated Italian wine experts and producers and learn their secrets. He is fully bilingual and also runs Convivio Rome, offering cooking classes near Rome, Italy.

At Wine Tours Rome, Guido is in charge of our conducting wine tours and wine-tasting sessions, with an emphasis on the natural wines available in the area. His tours are relaxed, fun and informative.

Gabriella is the founder of ‘Belvedere’ winery, the award winning vineyard we visit during our Rome Wine Tour. Her passion for producing excellent wine in Italy led her to have a new vineyard planted a number of years ago. She started with reworking the composition of the soil and experimenting with many different types of grapes, some native to the area and part of the local 'terroir’. 

Massimo is the manager of the winery. He will guide you on your wine journey from the vineyard to the table. He’s a trained enologist and sommelier and will be guiding you around the ‘Belvedere’ winery. His knowledge and passion for wine making makes this tour unique and informative. Massimo takes care of all aspects of wine making at ‘Belvedere’, including blending and the aging process. Massimo speaks Italian and Guido and Sally will be your translators and interpreters at the winery. Feel free to ask any questions about the process of wine making during the tour.

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